Friday, May 31, 2013

The last day of being gainfully employed

May 31, 2013 To Do List:
1. Go to our respective schools and take part in the end-of-the-school-year breakfast and retirement ceremony.
2. Finish shoveling out our respective classrooms.
3. Hugs all around.
4. Get all required signatures in order to receive final paycheck.
5. Get final paycheck. DO NOT have it cashed in quarters so we can spread them on the bed and roll on them (Paul's idea). 
6. Deposit final paycheck.
7. Confirm that you're in the state retirement system.
8. Marilyn: apply for early Social Security.
9. Read four more Costa Rica articles (are there even four articles we HAVEN'T read yet?).
10. Remind Paul that we won't be buying any more expensive cheese now that we're retired so he shouldn't keep giving cheesy snacks to the dogs. 
11. Charge camera battery so we can add pictures to this blog to make it more interesting.
12. Heat up leftovers. Eat in front of TV. Seinfield or Rachel Maddow?