Monday, June 10, 2013

Nerve Ablation ... Whaaaaaat?

Well my dear doc moved up the schedule so I could get the nerve ablation of my lower spine in time for it to take effect when we are in Costa Rica (maybe). He did say that the nerves are gonna be pissed off for a while (his words, not mine) so the pain may be increased for a while (what is a while, I ask: a few weeks, he responds. So that means I'm going to have a crappy time in Costa Rica, I start to ask ... But then I remember that I'm so used to pain it probably won't matter). He said I can ride tomorrow and that's great news.
Paul and I are trying to use our very fractured Spanish whenever possible. Example: driving to the surgery center this morning we came up to an "Endo de muerta" so we had to turn around. Obviously, neither one of us know the Spanish word for "end" yet.
One week from this evening we'll be boarding the plane. DON'T FORGET THE PASSPORTS! I wonder if we're allowed to bring snacks into the country. I sure would like to bring my newest addiction, Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzels. Note to self: check on this.
Must take a nap right now -- sedation hasn't worn off yet.